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Achieve Brighter Looking Eyes With Natural Eyelids

Double Eyelid Creation, also known as upper blepharoplasty, is used for enhancing the eyes to make them look bigger, brighter, less puffy, and more alert. This is usually done by creating an upper eyelid crease or defining it for those with a faint crease.

Double Eyelid Suture Method

The suture technique, also known as non-incisional eyelid surgery, relies on weaving a single fine suture through tiny incisions along the proposed crease. At the end, the suture is tied into a single knot to create a deeper eyelid layer. Result is semi-permanent and scarless.
This method is suitable for people with thin skin and little fat around the eyelids.

Double Eyelid Incision Method

This method is a classic technique for creating well defined, long lasting and permanent double eyelid crease. Incision is made at the proposed crease, and excess skin and fat are removed before the upper eyelid skin is stitched onto the muscles more firmly.
Incision method is suitable for all kinds of eyelids.

A fully accredited Singapore plastic surgeon with more than 5,000 surgery experience.



Dr Gavin Kang is a fully accredited Singapore plastic surgeon practising plastic surgery since 2005.

After completing plastic surgery training in Singapore, Dr Kang was fellowship trained at the world-class Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan subspecializing in craniofacial cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He further trained in cosmetic plastic surgery in Korea and USA.

Using latest techniques from across Asia and the world, Dr Kang focuses on face and body cosmetic surgery in particular.

He is also a Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon at KKH and a visiting consultant. As well as a Great Eastern panel doctor. For any emergency cases in private hospitals with patient having GE insurances, he will be called to attend the patients for treatments.

Have more questions about Double Eyelid Surgery? Book Consultation with Dr Gavin to understand more and to redefine your gaze that exudes confidence for the most delicate facet of your face.

Double Eyelid Technique

Depending on the patient’s concerns and expectations, surgeons can recommend Suture Method or Incision Method.

Suture Method is recommended for:

  • Eyelids that have several eyelid creases
  • Monolids – eyelids that do not have any existing crease
  • Double eyelid on one eye
  • Faint eyelid crease
  • Thin, sagging eyelids

Incision Method is recommended for:

  • Thick or saggy eyelids that need the removal of excess fat and tissue
  • Anyone who wants permanent double eyelid crease
  • Anyone who wants a deeper and well-defined eyelid crease
  • Anyone in need of eyelid revision surgery

Natural Looking

Be it the Suture or Incision technique, double eyelid folds are created with the appropriate dimensions to frame the pupil. The result is natural-looking, captivating, and appealing eyes.

Every individual is unique and each person’s eyes should blend harmoniously with the rest of the facial features.

Surgery Details

for Suture Technique


Operation Time
About 1 hr


Local anesthesia

Stitch Removal

3-5 days post-op


Recovery Duration

About 2 weeks

Post-op Pain Level:
*Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to the questionnaire.
**Not a strict standard and patients’ experiences may differ.

Surgery Details

for Incision Technique


Operation Time
About 1 hr to 2 hrs


Local anesthesia

Stitch Removal

3-5 days post-op


Recovery Duration

About 2 weeks

Post-op Pain Level:
*Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to the questionnaire.
**Not a strict standard and patients’ experiences may differ.

Flexible Payment Plan

Our clinic also offers various instalment plans for eligible credit card. Please check with our professionals during your consultation to check on your eligibility or reach out to us through the enquiry form shown below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens During the Procedure?

A small amount of excess skin is removed during the procedure. There may also be a small amount of fat pads removed along with the excess skin. The technical details are all in the design of the double eyelid crease. The incision line will be hidden within the new crease of the eyelid.

Where Will My Crease Be Placed?

The eyelids can be shaped in several ways to achieve a distinctive look according to the patient’s preferences. There are different types of Asian eyelid surgery that Dr. Gavin Kang offers to his patients. Females may desire some variations of their eyelids more than males, and some might like subtle enhancements while others may not.

Your consultation with Dr Gavin will include a discussion of your desired lid crease as well as desired height. During your consultation, he will discuss examples with you personally so you can decide which method will work best for you.

How long does the Surgery take?

Most double eyelid surgeries take about an hour to perform. In most cases, local anesthesia and sedation are used to make you as comfortable as possible during the procedure. As much as possible, Dr. Gavin Kang will have you awake during eyelid surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. In most cases, this procedure takes no longer than an hour.

Does the surgery hurt?

Sedation is usually administered before surgery to ensure that the patient is comfortable. In most cases, a numbing medication is applied at the beginning of the procedure. This can cause some discomfort but it quickly subsides. After the surgery, the patient is given detailed instructions on recovery. This includes instructions on medication and eye drops which help the patient to heal and manage any pain.

How long does it take to recover from Double Eyelid Surgery?

Each individual’s recovery will be different since every procedure is customized. It will depend on the technique used on how long it takes to recover. Swelling and bruising usually subside within one to two weeks for most patients. Over time, the height of the crease, also known as the fold, will decrease. In general, the eyelid takes approximately 2-3 months to settle into its final position.

Why Dr Gavin?

Asian eyelid surgery, or double eyelid surgery, is one of a handful of specialties practiced by Dr. Gavin Kang. Performing this procedure is a passion of his, and the results it can produce are life-changing, making it one of his most enjoyable procedures.

Our team of experts would be happy to schedule a consultation for you if you are considering double eyelid surgery.

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